Concrete Pumping Services:

  • ICI (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional)
  • Infrastructure: Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Bridge Decks/Abutments/Restoration, Culvert Lining
  • ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms): Walls/Slabs
  • Residential: Subdivision, Custom Home, Multi Unit
  • Agricultural: Barns to Silos
  • Large/Remote Projects (i.e. Mining, Power Generation, etc.)
  • Hydro Stations
A Cousineau Concrete Pumping truck.

Our fleet of trucks provides construction contractors with concrete pumping, cementitious, epoxy, and urethane grout pumping/injecting, and castable concrete pumping across Northern Ontario. We serve the areas of: Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins, and Sault Ste. Marie with on-site delivery and reliable service. Contact us for more information.

Concrete Pumping Equipment:

Experienced, With Safe Handling Practices

  •  We have been in the Concrete Pumping Industry and servicing Northern Ontario since 1974
  • All of our units are inspected yearly by both a certified Boom Inspector, as well as a certified garage
  • Our operators have over 45 years combined experience
  • All of our boom pumps are equipped with an “Air Cuff”, which allows us to almost immediately stop the flow of concrete.  This allows for a safer work environment as well as a minimum waste of concrete
  • We have a Putzmeister trained mechanic on hand to repair and service all of our concrete pumps