Cousineau Concrete Pumping Rates

Cousineau Concrete Pumping 2015 Rates1

Cousineau Concrete Pumping Rates

Putzmeister 56M Boom Pump
Putzmeister 52M Boom Pump
Putzmeister 47M Boom Pump
Putzmeister 38M Boom Pump
(Available from our Sudbury, North Bay and Timmins locations)
Schwing 32m Boom Pump
Putzmeister TK50 or TK40 Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump
The hourly rates are from the time the Pump leaves our office until they return

There will be a $15 surcharge to the hourly rates if we are needed on a site which requires “site orientation” (i.e. Vale, Xstrata, KGHM, Detour Gold etc.)


Premium Time

“Operator Overtime” at a rate of $75/hour per man will apply in addition to the Concrete Pump rental rate to cover costs incurred during premium time hours In accordance with our contract with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 793 we are required to pay a premium of “double” the regular hourly rate to an operator who works overtime.  Overtime applies to any time worked on weekdays before 8am and after 4pm and after 8 hours worked per day; and all time worked on weekends and holidays

7% Fuel Surcharge on Pump and Travel Time only

Prime Packs
Clean Out Bags

A second operator (if required) shall be billed out at an hourly rate, also “Premium Time” will be applicable


The hourly rates are from the time the Pump leaves our office until they return

  •  We have been in the Concrete Pumping Industry  and servicing Northern Ontario since 1974.
  • All of our units are inspected yearly by both a certified Boom Inspector as well as a certified garage.
  • Our operators have over 45 years combined of operating concrete pumps
  • All of our Boom pumps are equipped with an “Air Cuff” which allows us to almost immediately stop the flow of concrete.  This allows for a safer work environment as well as a minimum waste of concrete
  • We have a Putzmeister trained mechanic on hand to repair and service all of our concrete pumps

An example of the type of work we have done:

  • ICI (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional)
  • Infrastructure: Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Bridge Decks/Abutments/Restoration, Culvert Lining
  • ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms): Walls/Slabs
  • Residential: Subdivision, Custom Home, Multi Unit
  • Agricultural: Barns to Silos
  • Large/Remote Projects (i.e. Mining, Power Generation, etc.)
  • Hydro Stations